One-pan all-day breakfast

Yields: 4 Servings Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 15 Mins Cook Time: 25 Mins Total Time: 40 Mins

Each serving provides 455 kcal, 22.5g protein, 22g carbohydrates (of which 10.5g sugars), 23g fat (of which 7.5g saturates), 7.5g fibre and 2.3g salt. With a GI of 45 this meal isΒ high protein, low GI.


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  • Heat the oil in a large, wide frying pan. Brown the sausages for 2–3 minutes, then remove from the pan and set aside.
  • Add the spring onions and mushrooms to the pan and cook over a medium heat for 3–4 minutes, or until softened. Add the garlic and fry for 1 minute. Add the tomatoes, beans and sausages and simmer for 20 minutes or until the sausages are cooked through.
  • Make four wells in the mixture and crack the eggs into them. Cover the pan and steam for 6–8 minutes, or until the whites are set or cooked to your liking.
  • Sprinkle a little paprika over each egg, crumble over the feta and spoon into bowls. Garnish with the parsley and serve immediately.

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